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Added Value for WSA Members

In order to maximize the potential to have the best possible outcome for your insurance needs, WSA has developed a relationship with an insurance organization that truly understands the sweeping industry.

Insurance programs are available throughout the U.S.

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formerly called Maximus

The BindDesk Insurance Agency is both a wholesale and a retail insurance brokerage company that offers coverage through a wide variety of insurance companies and programs. Plus, you can keep your current agent if you like them, or no need to otherwise!

Power sweeping is a very specialized business, especially when, like many companies, you also perform a variety of additional maintenance services.

Having the wrong kind or amount of insurance coverage can spell disaster for your business.

When you choose to get a quote from the professionals at the BindDesk Insurance, you can be assured they know the power sweeping business. They also know how important it can be to get certificates in a timely manner when you add new customers.

One of the company’s specialties is matching up the best insurer for the specific needs of our WSA Member contractors. Although the company is located in San Diego, CA, the agency offers service throughout the U.S. You may either utilize their team as your agent of record or, alternatively, retain your own agent in your location. So, if you are happy with your existing agent you can continue that relationship and still take advantage of a no obligation policy review!

There is no charge or obligation when you contact them for a quote. WSA suggests you add your company to the growing list of power sweeper operators who have saved money, time and aggravation as a result of contacting BindDesk Insurance Services.

Call 1-833-Sweep-Me (833.793.3763) or go to

To make you more familiar with the company and what it offers, WSA’s Director conducted an introductory Zoomcast with Phil Duncan, one of the firm’s founders. (Note the agency was previously called Maximus). Click on the image below to access that 17-minute Zoomcast on YouTube. You may reach Phil directly via email sent to

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