Safety Video Seminar: How to Set Up and Run an Effective Safety Program

Meola444Each month, safety expert John Meola provides the World Sweeping Association with targeted safety meeting topics through WSA’s Safety First! program. In February of 2016, WSA sponsored Meola’s presentation “How to Set Up and Run an Effective Safety Program” at the National Pavement Exposition. You will see the video shot at the 2016 NPE embedded below. Note that this is the second safety-related NPE seminar available only to WSA Members. In January of 2015, WSA sponsored Meola’s presentation “Top 10 Safety Issues for Pavement Contractors” at the National Pavement Exposition. Through our negotiated arrangement with NPE management, WSA was allowed to provide a video of these seminars ONLY TO OUR WSA MEMBERS. MeolaSafetyMeetingLogo4WSA_500w The following video, as part of WorldSweeper’s reprise of the 2016 National Pavement Expo coverage, has been made generally available to those in the sweeping industry. If you have trouble linking via the graphic shown below, or if you want to view the video on YouTube in another web browser, here’s the link. We strongly recommend that, as you watch this video, you also download and follow along with either the Powerpoint or Acrobat PDF version of Meola’s seminar handout. Set up and Run and Effective Safety Program

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